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About Me

About Me

The Younger Me!

Alreema Vining was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey to mother Ruby and father Frankie. She grew up in the North Ward spending much of her younger years residing in Broad Street Townhouses while attending Rafeal Hernandez Elementary School. After the divorce of her mother and stepfather, she went on to live with her uncle Cornel in Hillside, New Jersey in her early teenage years. Being an ambitious, feisty yet determined young lady, Alreema obtained youth employment at Newark's William Street health clinic working with families. She later graduated from Barringer High School of Newark but not without earning titles such as Junior Class Vice President, and Senior Class Treasurer. She was a part of chorus, Do Something Club, Future Teachers Club, the band as a dancer/flag twirler, Debate Team, Drama Club and the list goes on. There was no doubt she would take her smarts and talents to colleges near and far. After being accepted into her top choice schools - she began her higher studies at Bloomfield College majoring in Early Childhood and Psychology in 2005. 

Motherhood & Mental Health!

It's a boy! In 2012, Alreema welcomed her first child into the world to later gave birth to her second in 2013, and third in 2017. Parenting by far was not the easiest job for Alreema. In fact, a month before giving birth to her second child, Alreema became homeless. Living out of her car and sleeping on an attic floor in a boarding home became a moment in time she never thought she would see. By God's grace, a relative opened up her home to Alreema, her one-year-old son and newborn daughter after hospital discharge. For months after her daughter's birth, Alreema suffered in silence while she battled postpartum depression. Not being one to look weak or come across a failure, she pushed through and landed her first apartment at the age of 26 in 2014. When they situations play a major part into mental health - it truly does. As Alreema started to see the positive in her life once she and her children were able to finally be in their own place. After a year, she rekindled an old love which gave her a heavenly unforgettable love in 2016 and rainbow blessing in 2017. However, that rainbow did not come without a storm. The loss she suffered in 2016 put her body in a health category she wasn't prepared for. For this, she needed to be seen by cardiologist in addition to her OBGYN. Dealing with extreme heart palpitations, and spikes in heart rates one can only imagine what she was going through mentally while pregnant. Eventually, everything became calm and normal. She was able to enjoy her 3rd trimester without anxiety or fears until her labor day. At the hospital, Alreema had a severe traumatic birth which was near fatal. An anesthesiologist administering an epidural did not secure a spot forcing a line damaging nerves and soon leaving Alreema temporarily paralyzed while pushing out her baby. Her heart began to drop, and blood pressure was rising, and she whispered to her son father, "tell him I love him please" as tears fell down her face. SHE MADE IT!

After a yearlong recovery both physically and mentally, Alreema made it. After the wrong diagnosis in 2011 with her first child, postpartum depression with her second, a neglected miscarriage and very traumatic birth of her third - it sparked something in her. That spark was a doula waiting to emerge into birth work in 2018. 

How It All Came Together! 

Alreema started off her unknowing doula career as a postpartum doula in 2011 after labeling herself "the mommy helper" to assist mothers of children attending the daycares she was employed with after hours. This experience and knowledge rolled into her career in 2018 when she later became a certified full spectrum doula. She is a Certified Doula under midwife Shafia Monroe as well as a Certified Medicaid Doula provider for the state of New Jersey and Virginia. As a dedicated mother to three beautiful children, Doula Alreema knows firsthand how much families can benefit from having additional support during all trimesters including labor and delivery. Assisting over 100+ families and being an active community member, Alreema prides herself on creating a peaceful and loving environment for parents whether new or seasoned. She is the founder and owner of Nurturing BayBees and Nurturing Families Two a family centered agency targeted to families utilizing insurance including Medicaid. She has an undeniable specialty in postpartum, meal planning, cesareans and bereavement support. Alreema wants to create businesses parents can benefit, learn and or grow from. While she has branched out into other ventures since becoming a doula Nurturing BayBees (formerly The Labor Mami) is where it all started. Every venture from the name, logos, structures and websites were created by Alreema. Most of her businesses start with "nurturing" to leave her special mark in the world.


Alreema is passionate and everything nurturing!

My Brands

Eat With Love Meal Service
The Alreema Vining Brands
Nurturing BayBees
Nurturing Families Two
Nurturing Homes Cleaning Service
Saving Parenthood Foundation Inc

Work Experience

2018 - 2018
The Leaguers - Perinatal Home Visitor

2019 - 2021

Newark Community Health Centers - Community Doula

2021 - 2022
Urban Baby Beginnings - Doula & Community Health Worker Coordinator

2022 - 2022

Rutgers NJMS - Project Assistant (Doula Services)

2022 - Present

Health Connect One (NJDLC) - Doula Mentor

2022 - Present

Baby, Please Doula Agency - Contracted Birth & Postpartum Doula

2018 - Present

Nurturing BayBees (dba Nurturing Families Two) - Advanced Lead Doula

The listed experience reflects the start of maternal health work and not any previous corporate experience. Past corporate experience includes positions such as Marketing/Public Relations Manager, B2B Supervisor, Quality Lead Inspector, Escalation Supervisor, Purchasing Manager, Customer Service Associate, Infant Toddler Teacher and more. Positions are not listed in order.





Contact Me

Contact Me

PO Box 1313, Newark, NJ 07101

C: (862)622-3142


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